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With no credit check, you are already approved to make affordable monthly payments on the camper or RV until you own the unit outright! We offer three, four and five year payment plans through our partner, Heartland Capital Investments, LLC, a leader in the rent to own industry! 

It’s easy to make your payments too! We offer pay by phone, mail, online, or bill pay through your financial institution. No credit check, no commitment, affordable payments, and easy pay off options – what more do you need to start your next adventure?!


Q: How much do I owe at time of sale?
A: We require 20% down + first month’s rent + doc and registration fees to start your rent to own contract.

Q: How long will it take me to own the unit?
A: In three, four or five years, depending on which rent to own contract you choose. Or you can always pay your unit off at anytime to gain ownership ahead of schedule.

Q: Do you charge interest?
A: There is no interest charged. There are rental fees applied to your monthly payments, as stated in the rent to own contract.

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